How To Keep A Positive Mindset – with Amy Normanton

You always come across so positive and happy and in a good state of mind on social media but I’m assuming there are bad times. What helps you bounce back when you have a bad day?

I find it really important to not have a highlight reel on social media. Years ago when i first started out on social media for fun and a hobby I did take part in that, but over the years once I got into mindset and positivity and the Law of Attraction, I realised I no longer wanted to contribute to the highlight reel of social media so although i come across positive and on point with my mindset, I am very careful on what I share with my audience. I am clear with them if I am having a bad day or if something hasn’t gone my way or maybe I have woken up on the wrong side of the bed I am clear with sharing that as well but I do make sure I am sharing advice on how I overcome that and how others who feel the same can overcome it.

I’ve followed your journey for so long now and you’ve achieved some incredible things in such a short space of time. Can you give an example of something you decided you wanted to achieve and maybe at one point thought it wasn’t achievable but you put your mind to it and achieved that thing – how did you do that?

So for me i would say that taking time out – i usually get myself in a rut or burn out or if i ever wake up feeling negative i know i need to take a back step and that’s when i spend more time with my family and come away from social media and work stuff. If im not focusing or functioning at 100% then i know everything i set my mind to isn’t going to come across 100%. It’s so important that i take care of myself. It sounds awful to say but i don’t really have any hobbies outside of social media so i try to take care of myself and spend time with my family.

Do you believe that mindset is something people have or something that can be taught and developed?

For me it has to be my business coaching and mentoring, I wanted to do it for so long. I did it in my Network Marketing days but under the umbrella of a different company. So I always knew I loved helping other people and supporting them with their goals but it’s not something i ever thought i could do unless i had achieved huge success. I never thought i had enough knowledge or value or experience to go on and do it so it was always self doubt that put me off. So when lockdown came and i was doing a lot of coaching within my membership group, that’s when i gave myself a nudge and thought you’re actually already doing this daily.

I put it off for 4 years but in order to go on and give myself a kick up the bum, I hired a business coach who gave me a strategy and gave me the confidence to believe in myself because my family are all in traditional jobs. They aren’t very creative or ‘millennial’ when it comes to social media. For example they’d think ‘what’s business coaching?’. So for me to go on to pursue that as the next step in my journey, finding somebody who understood my goals and aspirations and ambitions to conquer the next part of my journey was so crucial for me. I’m still learning new things every single day but the fact I’m even calling myself a business coach and mentor is huge for me.

I one million percent believe that mindset is something that can come naturally to people if they are brought up around a positive mindset. So if my parents had drilled it into me then I would have known no difference and in some ways I was brought up around it because my mum is big on Law of Attraction etc but to me it was always very alien and i would roll my eyes at her so i never really took it seriously. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first child and became a network marketer that I was really introduced to have a strong positive mindset and how important it is to your life. If it’s something you’re not sure of, I highly recommend you find someone you can relate to to teach you. Because you can’t just think positively, we’re not robots, we’re human beings with emotions and shit happens in life but it’s learning how to deal with situations. The more you train your brain to see the positives, the easier it is to go to a positive outcome rather than a negative outcome. If you’d known me 10 years ago I was really negative, the glass was always half empty, in fact there was nothing in the glass – so that’s proof that it can be taught.

What would you tell 10 year old Amy about developing a positive mindset?

I would probably tell myself to listen to my parents because they always had belief in me and still do. I never had much confidence, on the outside it looked like I did but I’ve always had a lot of anxiety and negative doubt and it wasn’t until i got into the mindset that I realised there was no reason to sweat the small stuff. I also believe that when we’re going through high school and we have to pick what subjects we want to do, it’s a lot to expect from children. Its a lot of pressure to put on young adults, we don’t know who we are yet. Me in my situation back then, I didnt deal well with the pressure and ended up resitting a lot of my exams. So anyone who is reading this and needs eomt advice, just have 100% belief in yourself – it’s something i tell my clients and my children, I want them to borrow the belief i have in them and soon enough it will turn into their own belief in themselves. 

Have you got any other advice for our community on how to keep a positive mindset during these times?

My advice for anyone in business or anyone going against the norm would be to shut out all negative doubt and all negative noise and opinions. A ship can only sink when water gets inside. The second you let negativity in you will start to sink. Your mindset is only as strong as you are. As long as you are doing something you enjoy it doesn’t matter what other people think or say. It only matters that you are going to help and support people and bring value to them. It’s so important that just because society tells us to do one thing it doesn’t mean we have to. And yes we are in worrying times right now but the universe sends us things sometimes to challenge us whether that’s a flat tyre or a global pandemic. But these things will only make us stronger. If there is a niggle in the back of your mind that you need to be doing something or not doing something, you have to trust your gut feeling. In these times I would say not to just shut down but use this time to recharge, refocus, learn, maybe unlearn some things and just get back to doing what you’re doing – always trust yourself!

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